Monthly Archive: January 2018


Intro to User Authentication

This week I worked on the user authentication section of the bootcamp tutorials. I learned about passport.js which helps us make user authentication much easier. I also learn about to new npm packages called...


Introduction to VueJS

Apart from continuing to work with Node.js. I also started a new tutorial that introduces you into Vue.js, ReactJS, and Angular. This tutorials are just an introduction so later on you can choose which...


Intro to data association

During the weekend I made to the section data association in the tutorials. This part of the section explain what data association is and how we use it. Data association allows us to have...


Blog App and RESTful Routing

I finally got through RESTful Routing and while watching these tutorials I also made a blog app using these RESTful routes. I had already used the Index, New, and Create routes before but this...