Meeting The Peruvian

Hey guys welcome to my blog. My name is Neyser don’t know where the name came from but thats what my parents named me. I’m 19 and 100% Peruvian. I was born in Peru but raised in Queens, New York, and with all honesty i couldn’t think of getting used to living anywhere else than NY. I love rock music I will listening to anything as long as it’s actually good. I listen from 80’s rock, Indie, punk, alternative, to metal. My installation of wordpress was easy which was really awesome and as for my Domain name it’s from one the songs of my favorite band LP that I’ve listened to since middle school, if you can figure out what band your awesome¬†:). This blog will first be mostly school but I will definitely ¬†post many other things up and personalize it as my own. Well I guess thats all you need to know for now I’m sure you’ll learn a lot more things about me but thats the basic so until the next post.

yup thats how i look.

yup thats how i look.

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