Batman and Robin run away

So today I finished this gif for DS 106 and it basically was batman and robin running away so they wouldn’t get hit by Peter from family guy driving his car into the mall. The guy who started making these gifs added a psd to his tumbler page, that has batman and robin running away with a transparent background and all you have to do is just add what batman is running from so if you want to give it  try just click the link. At first I had trouble thinking of what I should put as the background and then I finally thought of family guy, one of my favorite shows. I started looking around for clips on youtube, then I found a clip where Peter drives into the mall and you have all the people trying to run out of the car’s way. So I saved the clip and trimmed it on imovie, so all i had left was the part of where the car comes into the mall. After that it was easy just to use photoshop to add batman and robin into the clip so they can look as if they were running along with the crowd from Peter’s car. This the second gif I made so I’m trying to get used to all the tools so that I can be able to create better gifs.

run batman run

run batman run

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  1. ryan says:

    Awesome! Great work and the site is looking really great!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you I’m still thinking of what else to add or if I’ll stay with this theme

  1. September 26, 2014

    […] It was pretty easy I used imovie and photoshop to create it i did post it as well as on my own domain so you guys can go check it. I’ll post the gif here and if you guys want to read more of how I […]

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