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Intro to data association

During the weekend I made to the section data association in the tutorials. This part of the section explain what data association is and how we use it. Data association allows us to have...


Blog App and RESTful Routing

I finally got through RESTful Routing and while watching these tutorials I also made a blog app using these RESTful routes. I had already used the Index, New, and Create routes before but this...


YelpCamp v2

This week I started working on version 2 of the Yelp Camp app. I made the mistake of actually deleting my work of cloud 9 because I was trying to delete a workspace and...


YelpCamp V1

I finally started working on the YelpCamp part of the tutorials. This is the first time I’m creating a working app with a database so I’m very excited to see what new things I’ll...



185 Echo Exercise:

For this exercise I did manage to complete it without have to look at the answer portion of the video. Though his code was different from mine and his code...


To-Do List

I manage to watch all the tutorials and understand the way the shortcuts that were used in jQuery. Its really awesome to use for the shortcuts but the videos also helped understand why it’s...