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Building Kyubu 2.0

So for our hacking and building final I worked with Kirika to improve her mid-term project. So for her project she had built kyubu. My first idea was to make something fly, Kirika had the...


Slashing through the guitar

So one of my inspirations was the guitarists Saul Hudson, a.k.a Slash from the band Guns and Roses. Ever since I was a little kid my dad used to blast 80’s music in our...


The improving page

So The first thing I went to do when I got my page was trying to find a theme that I liked. Once I had a theme that I like I started checking how...


A beginner’s edit

So a couple days I decided that I wanted to start using photoshop again especially for photos I took. Now i never really had a background in PS just a  few things I learned...