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Finished Doodle Project

So the first thing I worked since my last post was making my assets into 3d layers so that when i did move them they would like they were part of the video. It...


Update: Real Life Doodle

I have been working on my real life doodle where I try to make the pool look like the pool is about to eat a small dog that’s rolling around in it. I have...


Real Life Doodles Proposal

For my final project I’ve decided to work on a real life doodle. example: I decided the I’ll try to make my own video and then work on it. For this project I’m going...


That 70’s Show

Recently we started working with text in after effects and we had to choose a video that we wanted to work with. I chose to work with a small part of “That 70’s Show”...


Deadpool Movie Poster

During the first week in our intro to motion graphics we started talking about animated movie posters, which led to our first assignment. So I decided to work on a deadpool movie poster since...