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YelpCamp V1

I finally started working on the YelpCamp part of the tutorials. This is the first time I’m creating a working app with a database so I’m very excited to see what new things I’ll...



185 Echo Exercise:

For this exercise I did manage to complete it without have to look at the answer portion of the video. Though his code was different from mine and his code...


To-Do List

I manage to watch all the tutorials and understand the way the shortcuts that were used in jQuery. Its really awesome to use for the shortcuts but the videos also helped understand why it’s...


RGB Color Game

For my random rgb color game I manage to get the circle to get a random color, making one of the random colors the winning, as well as change the status of game over...


Random RGB and HEX colors

For this random color code I made two different groups of circles. The first group of circles colors are random rgb colors. The second group of circles colors are random hex colors. I was...