Final Project-March Update

This is my powerpoint for the presentation.

Jan 30-Feb 12:

  • I created my mood showing ideas hat I would use for my site.
  • moodboard
  • Using the site map that I have create it and the research I have done on other websites I will use this to create wireframes for this site. These wire frames will become the structure for my website and contain placement holders for the potential content that will most like fill them.
  • browsechat, contact, faqs, login, main, matches, messages, profile, questionnaire, signup

Feb 13-Feb 26:

  • During these weeks I wrote content for the website and I took a couple of pictures as well.
  • AboutMe

Feb 27-Mar 24:

  • During this time I will create the first working prototype for the website. This prototype will be created by using HTML 5 and CSS3, it will also have Javascript or jQuery. I will have a functional website and add all the content that I have created for the website.

Mar 25-Apr 1:

  • I will have a couple of people look at the website. I will have them use it to navigate and do a couple of tasks. I will take notes on things that need to improvement and use them to create my second prototype.

Apr 2-Apr 15:

  • During this time I have start to work on my second prototype. I will go down the list of the notes that I took and then use that to improve the first prototype.

Apr 16-Apr 29:

  • I will have a couple people to do the same thing they did the first time and see if there is anything else I need to fix.

Apr 30-May 18:

  • During the last month of the semester I will use the information that I have gathered during both tests to improve and make final adjustments to the website. Then I’ll have it set up on the web to show the work done on this spec project.

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