Deadpool Movie Poster

During the first week in our intro to motion graphics we started talking about animated movie posters, which led to our first assignment. So I decided to work on a deadpool movie poster since the movie was coming pretty soon. The photo below is the movie poster I chose to work with.


So I started to think about what work I wanted to do with the poster. In the end I decided I would have him bring in his arm holding the gun. The first asset that I created was the background without the letters and deadpool’s arm holding the gun. After I removed those out I had to created the rest of deadpool’s where his arm was missing.


After I had finished with that part I took the arm I had remove from the image and I made a new layer to use it for the arm movement.


I need the same with the letter that were in the image. The reason I need was so that the letter would be rest on top of the arm and not the arm on top the letters.


Once I had all my assets that I was going to use for this work I passed my file into after effects. In after effects I learned to use the the puppet warp tool to create the movement in deadpools arm. Once I got the movement I liked best I exported on Photoshop into a gif.

This is how my first animated movie poster turned out:



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