Update on the Deadpool Movie Poster

So after my first time using the puppet tool I made a gif of a deadpool movie poster. This time after getting used to the puppet tool a bit more I try to fix the arm since I felt it looked a bit awkward when it came in. I also added a bit more in the beginning, I tried to make him look like we was fixing his belt before the hand came and I also added a bit more movement to the hand that came in.

So to make him look like we was fixing his belt I used the asset I had before where he didn’t have his left arm.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 7.31.49 PM

Here I had to add puppet points around the body so that those parts wouldn’t move along with the arm and belt.

Now for the other arm I used the same asset I had before to have it come in and do more movement then it did before.


I add puppet points on the top, the hand and the gun so that it wouldn’t look  as awkward as before when it comes in. This is how it looked at the end.


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