Random RGB and HEX colors

For this random color code I made two different groups of circles. The first group of circles colors are random rgb colors. The second group of circles colors are random hex colors. I was...


Learning to work with APIs

These last few days of our class we started to learn about Application program interface (API) and how we can start to use them. The first API we learned to use was Openweathermap. This...


Continuing SQL

This week we continued working with Sql and learn many new things. We learned how stop people from adding code to our sql database and we worked with a simple sign-up page. We worked...


Starting SQL

This week we started to work with SQL which is a database management language for relational databases. We worked with our domain host reclaim hosting to build a small new database to use as...


Displaying my php code

I looked at the code for displaying your php code. This is the code: highlighter.php In this code it’s going to be displaying by code for get_variable.php. I did mark up this code with...


Starting PHP

These are the codes that we have worked on this week. Arrays.php for_loop.php get_variable.php if_statements.php variable.php while_loop.php Reflection: I understood the work that we have done for php this week. The only thing that...