This is my marked up code for code player. reflection: I did manage to finally understand the coding for the the code player but I did have to go back to a few parts of...

Week one of jQuery 2

Week one of jQuery

ajaxtutorial text changingwebstyles fadein-out regularexpressions email These are the examples that we have done this week. We started with jquery which helps us do the same things with javascript but with less coding. It...


Final Project-March Update

This is my powerpoint for the presentation. Jan 30-Feb 12: I created my mood showing ideas hat I would use for my site. moodboard Using the site map that I have create it and...


Finished Doodle Project

So the first thing I worked since my last post was making my assets into 3d layers so that when i did move them they would like they were part of the video. It...


Update: Real Life Doodle

I have been working on my real life doodle where I try to make the pool look like the pool is about to eat a small dog that’s rolling around in it. I have...


Real Life Doodles Proposal

For my final project I’ve decided to work on a real life doodle. example: I decided the I’ll try to make my own video and then work on it. For this project I’m going...