185 Echo Exercise:

For this exercise I did manage to complete it without have to look at the answer portion of the video. Though his code was different from mine and his code looks cleaner than the one I had. I feel pretty comfortable with For loops so I manage to complete.

186 Average Exercise:

For this exercise I had to look at the solution because I got a bit lost half way of trying to figure out how to solve this exercise. I did get a bit confused on the method he used to call on arrays. I did review and understand how it works but I do feel like I should review this a bit more.

189 NPM Faker Exercise:

For the faker exercise I was able to complete pretty quick. Everything was in the documentation. So far I’m enjoying these exercises.

As for the last one I have not finished it. These past few days I was out of commission due to me getting very sick. So this week I know I’m going to be playing a lot of catch up but this weekend I’ll manage to get  a lot more done.


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