YelpCamp V1

I finally started working on the YelpCamp part of the tutorials. This is the first time I’m creating a working app with a database so I’m very excited to see what new things I’ll from this. In this app the user will be able to search campgrounds that are listed here and create any new entry for another campground they would like to list. I managed to finish version 1 of the app. This is how the work looked. For this version we haven’t connected to any database just yet but I will be using mongoDB.

This is the javascript page where I’ll be setting up the routes for the app.

The first version of our landing page.

This page is where all the campgrounds will be shown. At this point we have added bootstrap but I have only done some internal styling but this wil be moved to an external styling sheet.

This page will hold the form where a user can list a new campground to the database.

I also made 2 partials for the header and footer that will be include in other ejs files.


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