Last Reflection for Web Development 1

I really like everything we learned this semester. I was familiar with some stuff that we learned but in this class we went into it a bit deeper and I learned a lot of new things. I was able to get more familiar with javascript and jQuery which is great when it comes to working on front development of a site. It was also ¬†great learning how to use more of php and it actually makes me want to know more of what I can do with this language. mySql was also great to get familiar with because it got more interested with backend development and it’s definitely something I would like to study further. API was definitely new to me and it was really awesome to see what we could do with and it also got me to start thinking about how you would be able to use them when creating websites. The project I liked the most was when we started to work with both php and mySQL together. I really got interested in and even though I didn’t have a chance to work on the secret diary tutors as a project for this class, it’s definitely something I will like to do once the semester is over and I have more time.

A project that I would like to work on is creating a 2d breakout game. I found an example of one while doing some research mozilla developer. As I read more it into it the more fun it looked like it would be to make. The page says anyone who has basic to intermediate knowledge of javascript, which is great because I already had some basic knowledge and after taking this class I definitely feel like I have intermediate knowledge of javascript. This game also consists of creating a canvas in html which I’m definitely familiar with. I’m definitely interested in how we would make the controls work both on the keyboard and mouse. Also how we can create the collision detection for the game. This is definitely something I would like to look into and create.


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